By adjusting the location of the new high-rise to the back of the Plaza, we can have quality street-facing open space.

Residents want to enhance Bethesda Metro Plaza with new development AND activate the open space to be a true public amenity.

Demand more for Bethesda Metro Plaza


Includes a hidden courtyard park not visible from any surrounding streets.

  • New high-rise building
  • New retail amenities
  • Renovation of Metro bus bays
  • Hidden courtyard park closed-off by high rise buildings
  • Open space not visible to those passing by or riding the bus and metro
  • 0.22 acres of gathering space in the “central lawn”


A quality stree-facing open space in the heart of Bethesda.

  • New high-rise building
  • New retail amenities
  • Renovation of Metro bus bays
  • Large, street-facing public amenity
  • Welcoming open space in the heart of Bethesda
  • 0.5 acres of activated, gathering space

Downtown Bethesda is booming and protecting what little open space we have left is critical

Pancake House Plaza, not visible from neither Wisconsin Avenue or Woodmont Avenue.

Open space located behind the Hyatt, not visible from Montgomery Avenue.

In December, the County approved a $8.5 million purchase for less than one-half of an acre of street-facing open space to create Capital Crescent Civic Green.

Not all open space is created equal

“Downtown Bethesda has a considerable amount of open space, but more important to its future is the right quality of space that serves the goal of enhancing the public realm.” – Downtown Bethesda Master Plan